The Plan

Dan and I have been meeting with contractors!! We have one more meeting on Thursday and then hope to move forward. We’re planning on gutting the kitchen and moving a couple of walls to make it more open/functional/have matching cabinet doors. We’d (mostly me) also really love to be able to have more than 1 one person comfortably cooking at a time. Dan says it’s totally fine for 2! I strongly disagree. And you know how at parties everyone wants to be in the kitchen? Still true in ours. At a whopping 2 feet wide, which may be generous.

We’re also planning on making our garage a bedroom/bathroom/laundry room. Mostly just an all purpose room that will result in us having a 2nd bathroom and a washer/dryer that isn’t in the garage. Since I do *almost* all the laundry, I’d really love for it to be air conditioned and to not have my clean clothes fall onto a filthy garage floor. Plus, our only existing bathroom has a shower, but no tub. It’s worked out just fine for the 2 of us, but we are trying to get ahead of the game and make sure there’s a tub to bathe our future children, because I hear they outgrow the sink pretty quickly 🙂 [Side note to family- the children time line has not changed]. Dan will then have an long term project of building a detached garage so we don’t lose the storage space. Or maybe we will use it to actually park our cars? Doubtful, but hey! I can put in on a goals list.

So that’s our grand plan! Meeting with contractors has been intimidating. Even more intimidating- the thought of having to pick out every. single. thing. that will go into the spaces. I know what I like, but question how everything will go together and I’m worried I’ll second guess all my choices. Choices that will be PERMANENTLY affixed to the house. Scary. Oh and since we are using Ikea cabinets to save money- planning all of that. That’s a whole big thing and the kitchen planning website is already driving me crazy.

Still, I’m insanely excited to the make the house even more our own and to have a real life kitchen to fill with all of my Pinterest dreams. Will keep you updated as the project moves along!! Hoping I don’t drive Dan too crazy throughout the process.