November Festivities

Seeing as we are half way through December, this post is way delayed. But oh well. November was so good!!! With the remodel finally wrapping up, we were able to get some serious friends and relaxation time in. It was like we were on a remodel hangover and the first weekend we could take a break, we did. And did nothing house related! Woo! But some other so good bits from the month…

I turned 26! We celebrated in Austin at Jacoby’s (East Austin has gotten way too cool) with Chels & Katie and our boys (men?). LOVE quality time as grownups with our husbands, who I think are all pretty darn awesome…. note how much we match our significant others. It’s kind of creepy and maybe narcissistic? But fun 🙂

We hosted our first tailgate!! In true Callie form, I stressed out about the details while Dan was beyond chill (and very last minute) about all of it. It was a pretty cruddy day, but the rained cleared up by the time the tailgate started and we found a great spot on campus! Everyone brought treats & drinks and we grilled up some burgers & dogs. Such a fun time. And we crushed KU!

We had a Novemberfest party. Dan & I are trying to make an Oktoberfest party an annual thing for us, but due to the state of our house in October, we pushed it back a month. Dan brewed an Oktoberfest beer that was great and I cooked up some goodies. Tara came into town and was a god send in helping get everything ready. Phew. Too bad I took almost zero pictures… I did get a few of some of the food. So there’s that. This mulled wine was a huge hit! As well as this pumpkin spice trifle. And both were very easy 🙂 We also did brats and pretzels with beer cheese dip.

We checked out the new movie theater in town, where we had delicious food, a pillow, blanket, and recliners. Best way to see a movie!

We went to the park & had a picnic- the weather is good! Finally!!!! (Although it was 82 and humid beyond all December reason this weekend, so that was maybe premature. Unfortunately.)

I cannot believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK!! Meanwhile, I’ll be in a t-shirt. Thanks Houston.


Viva La Tay

Isn’t it great to spend time with old friends? Not only did we get to see Chels and Bobby in Austin for dinner on Friday, Taylor turns 25 TODAY(happy birthday!!!)  and we celebrated by joining her in San Antonio for a Fiesta. Let me tell you, when she throws a party, she throws a really, really great one. She even gave us adorable party favors. Hand painted bags with painted pottery shot glasses, tequila, and paper flower crowns (I’m getting to wear these a lot lately and I like it). The boys even had little maraca pins. So cute. And the weekend was packed!

I got to try Urban Taco! Peeps in Dallas have been raving about it. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the jalapeno margarita, I think I still like Torchy’s Tacos better. Maybe I’m biased from college in Austin. Then… it was archery time. Apparently Tay has always wanted to do this. I was a little apprehensive, but excited to try it. And it was totally awesome. We all channeled our inner Katniss. And Dan was really flipping good. Because he rocks at everything. Which I guess is a plus because if we were ever in a zombie apocalypse, he’d would be able to protect me. Until I ran out of contacts and my glasses broke. Then there’d be no saving me. Can you tell I started watching The Walking Dead?!

Next up, Alamo Brewery. The place itself was impressive. The design and outdoor space was top notch. However, they only had 3 beers on taps and one tap wasn’t working. It was also pretty pricey for beer served at a brewery ($6 a pint). Still worth it for the great atmosphere! Tay also busted open her pinata here! Or more like stabbed it to death. I thought we were all going to turn, but I think she was enjoying it too much 😉

After we refreshed at our hotel on the riverwalk, we hailed a RÍo Taxi to The Pearl. Our river captain had 2 master’s degrees and made fun of us the whole trip. And The Pearl, omg, very cool. It used to be a brewery and has now been converted into everything- restaurants, culinary school, apartments, shops. With a farmer’s market every weekend, I could definitely live there. We ate at Granary Brew & Cue, which was amazing. They brew their own beer and the BBQ was top notch. I decided to go with the Brisket Ramen and I slurped it up to the last drop. Divine.

Birthday girl on the rio taxi!

Champagne in cans!

Before we headed out Sunday morning, we had brunch at The Boiler House, which is actually in the old boiler room for the Pearl brewery.  It’s the same owners as Max’s Wine Dive, and the mac and cheese here lived up to expectation.

Weekend número dos of roadtrips is complete! On to Dallas tonight 😀

Katie’s Bachelorette Bash

This weekend we got to celebrate the fact that Miss Katie is getting married SO SO SOON! Chels and I had the honor of throwing the bachelorette party and it was a blast. And y’all know I love an excuse to plan anything, especially for someone I love so much.

We kicked off the weekend with brunch at Gratifi. Food was fabulous, per usual, and super affordable. It also may have been the best service I’ve ever had in a large group. When the server carded us, she wrote our names down as well so that splitting the tab up was incredibly easy. A +!! If you have a large party, go here!! And they allow dogs on the patio, which gives any restaurant extra points in my book.

Gift bags for the girls!

Getting pampered at Sweet Desire!! I messed up my toes as soon as I was done, ha. They fixed them… after scolding me for not being more careful. Whoops.

How cute is the bride?!?!?!

Chels came Friday from Austin and we crafted and shopped and ate grocery store sushi. I baked the cutest cookies ever- insanely easy recipe, incredibly tedious put together process. The dough as sticky and making tiny cookies is challenging. While they didn’t turn perfect, I was pretty proud of them. As far as crafting, I had seen an adorable “Cheers” sign for sale on Etsy for $50 and figured it’d be worth it to attempt to make it on our own. It definitely was.

After nails, we rushed to get the room set up at Hotel Icon using all our prep work. We loved the hotel- it’s right off of Market Square, downtown, and the rooms all have a historic feel to them while still be completely updated. I would have loved to spend some time soaking in the tub 😀 Plus, thanks to Priceline we got an amazing deal!

The whole group via selfie stick!

After we settled in, Katie opened lingerie (NO PICS!! Josh, you’ll just have to wait ;)) and we played a couple games. Throughout Katie’s life, she’s been fairly accident prone so we played a true/false game of Katie’s injuries. So fun. And we quizzed her on some questions we had asked Josh beforehand. My favorite question was “If you could get rid of anything of Katie’s, what would it be?” and Josh answered “Barrett”. Which is Katie’s dog. I was laughing out loud when he sent that. AND Erin’s bf brought up their new pup, Laura Bush (true Texans, y’all) and she was beyond precious. Cue 12 girls awing.

Best CUSTOM card by Sara. Katie’s face on a lingerie model. Basically the same body, amiright?

Then it was time for dinner at Hearsay. I really enjoyed my fish tacos, but the highlight of dinner was applying flash tats (I was able to find an off brand on Amazon for much cheaper and they were still great!).

Preface: NONE of us go out like this anymore (as in, bar hopping with tons of drinks and staying up until 3 in the morning). BUT it was party bus time! SO many memories from college on a party bus. It was very appropriate that this was the way we celebrated Katie (our president), with so many AXO’s in town. Lei Low, in the heights, was the first stop. Dan and I loved it when we went so I was excited for everyone to check it out. The only indication on the front is a neon “Rum” sign. The only tiki bar I know of in Houston. Drinks are very detailed and pretty darn good, although sometimes bitter.

Next stop: Local Pour. Super fun band playing. I loved the lighting in these pictures.

And of course, we had to hit up Midtown.

But mostly just wanted to stay on the bus because Erin’s party playlist was killing it.

Then it was the morning and we had all made our way onto the struggle bus.

The yogurt parfaits bar served in mini mason jars was an adorable idea but I’m pretty sure everyone just wanted pure grease after the night we had.

CHEERS to the best weekend with some awesome ladies. Can’t wait to celebrate together again at the wedding!!!