Houston Rodeo 2016

We got lucky and for the second year in a row, Dan was rewarded with suite tickets for the rodeo. So dang spoiled, and we know it.  It was a gorgeous Saturday, so we went early to walk around, see the animals and scope out the fried foods. We somehow resisted! Although we did get to check out the wine garden, which we hadn’t visited before. They sell it at cost, which means it’s all really reasonably priced. Then we headed inside NRG stadium for the actual rodeo and show. Turns out it was the finals, so we got to see all the events twice (and fully take advantage of the suite’s food & drinks). The winner of each category went home with $50,000! Not bad. Brad Paisley was the performer, and put on a great show- jumping out into the dirt, high-fiving fans, and stealing their phones to take videos. He’s also got some serious guitar skills! It was such a nice day and felt great to be in Houston, enjoying our city. And I always love seeing Dan in a hat and boots 😉

See last year’s rodeo here.

Should’ve Been A Cowboy

The Houston Rodeo is a BIG deal. All my Houston friends in college raved about it. I was a little confused because while rodeos in Ft. Worth can be fun, they aren’t something to be raved about. But now that I live in Houston, I totally get it. The Houston Rodeo is awesome.

Dan’s boss gave him suite tickets at the last minute to the show last night and I was stoked. Being in a suite was pretty darn cool. Lots of food and drinks and your beer is served to you in your seat! And no line for the bathroom! I also loved all the events although I did wonder who originally decided to ride a bull and make it a sport. So dangerous! But some of those guys made it look easy. I can’t even imagine hopping onto a bull for the very first time. Plus, the announcers were hilariously entertaining.

We tried really hard to get a good photo but the lighting in the suite was just terrible and this was the best we could do.

Suite cookie! After the amazing ice cream in a cowboy hat with bailey’s and a cookie on top… sugar overload 😀

Stage set up. Happened so fast!

Oh my, Zac Brown Band. I’ve always listened to them and enjoyed their music, but they totally wowed me last night. Musically, they were spot on. Zac killed it on the guitar. And they covered Enter Sandman AND Bohemian Rhapsody. And just took down the stadium. Those are super tough songs. So basically I love Zac Brown now. They also played a newer song that definitely wasn’t country. Pulling a Taylor Swift? I dug it. And his hat? Adorable. Dan needs one. And I need to visit a haberdashery ASAP.

It was a really fun night, even if I did miss the turkey legs. SO glad we made it to the rodeo this year- it was questionable. Can’t wait for next year 😀 Maybe we’ll get lucky and get suite tickets again…