A Wedding Weekend for Friends

Y’all, I got to be part of the most beautiful wedding this weekend!! So special because I’ve known the bride & groom a long time and adore them. That also meant that we got to spend time with lots of friends (& their parents) from high school. The bride has the best taste & her parents spoiled us bridesmaids the entire weekend. What a treat and a joy to witness the start of their marriage!! It will be extra lucky because it rained during the ceremony- can’t wait to see the photographer’s photos of them saying their vows under an umbrella. JUST GORGEOUS and so much fun!

The room we got ready in was the cutest. Wish it was my own living room.

Post rainy ceremony!

The flowers were amaze.

Whoops, caught them mid-work with some pruning tools still in the shot…

But cheers to a lifetime of happiness for the bride and groom!! And to an epic Icelandic honeymoon 🙂

Modern Art Bridal Shower

This weekend, I was lucky enough to help shower one of my favorite people with best wishes. My mom and I teamed up with the most creative mother-daughter duo (and some of our best friends) to host it at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. In high school, we dreamed of getting married on this lawn, fake ceremony included. The architecture is gorgeous and the Texas sun reflecting on the pool is magic.  It felt very apropos to be there celebrating an upcoming wedding with our best high school friends and their moms. I feel so lucky to have remained close to these girls, even though most of us now live in different cities.

My mom and I arranged the flowers, while Taylor & Carri painted custom pieces for each place setting. Taylor came up with the MOST clever idea of having the “AL” balloons in  “BRIDAL” be different colors since the bride’s name is Alex. She’s good. They tend to throw amazing showers (I know because they threw mine :D). And the bride looked beautiful- can’t wait to see her in a wedding dress!!

Happy Anniversary, My Love

We had pretty limited wi-fi (and I didn’t feel like doing anything but Italian things while away) so I didn’t get to post anything on our anniversary. So here it is, a week late 🙂

Reliving the day that started it all! One whole year that has completely FLOWN by. And honestly, every day has gotten better. I can’t even imagine being paired with someone who so perfectly fills in my imperfections, who makes me laughs in ways that help me forget any worries, and encourages me so completely. Here’s to many more days of travel and happiness and house projects and cooking and unconditional love. Life with you endlessly fun.

Thank you again to everyone who shared our wedding day with us- what a joy to be surrounded in celebration by everyone we love.Your support of our life together means so much.



Man, I think I’m just now starting to recover from the weekend! But my heart is so full! Katie and Josh got married Saturday night. Seeing such great friends get married is the best. Knowing that they’ll get to care for each other, laugh with one another, and love on one another FOREVER. Just the coolest and it makes me smile from tip to toe. I get way more emotional at weddings now that I’m married- knowing just how good marriage is. *Disclaimer- I may still be in the honeymoon phase*

With so many pastors in the family, it was bound to be full of great speeches and a terrific ceremony. The wedding & reception were at our church and it made for a great background. The whole thing was just beautiful. Plus, Katie got us flower crowns and I’ll be forever grateful. I could live in those things. Getting to spend time with good girlfriends all weekend was pretty great too.

I didn’t go too crazy on pics, but the photographers were amazing- they’ve already put up a couple from the first look on Instagram, and I can’t wait to see how the rest turn out!! Helps to have such a cute couple 🙂

Bridal Brunch: At Tiny’s No. 5. I’m in love with Tiny Boxwood’s so I was excited to try this location. And apparently they are opening one in Austin soon!

white jeans on the end.

the cutest gift from Katie, stocked with earrings, home made lip balm, a robe, and other goodies

The Rehearsal Dinner: At the church, with beautiful centerpieces. I was crazy nervous about giving a speech, per usual. Dan said the nerves were endearing and I’m going to go with it. Oh, and Dan made the beer and it was excellent 🙂



Erin made the cutest stand in bride to walk down the aisle 🙂

Wedding Day Prep: We spent the morning getting ready at the Hilburn’s home then headed over to the church! There was an evening service so they had lots of volunteers there to flip the space from church to a reception hall. In less than an hour. Impressive. I’ve also never worn more makeup in my entire life.

Wedding Time: And then it was time!!! They both looked beyond ecstatic standing at the altar 🙂 We spent the rest of the night dancing, feasting on chicken and waffles, doing our wedding mad libs, and enjoying time with friends and family!

my handsome date


Hope you’re having fun in Nicaragua, Mr. and Mrs. Hilburn!