A Visit from the Boxes (weird that’s no longer my name…)

My family came into town this weekend! It was the first time they’ve all visited since Dan and I got married and it was extra special because they all stayed in our little house. I loved playing host, cooking for them and showing them little bits of Houston. I have a lot to live up to considering my mother is the absolute best hostess (hopefully I won her approval this weekend :)) It went by so fast! It always amazes me how quickly a weekend can pass. My favorite part of all was just having them spending time in our home that we’ve been working on since the wedding. It felt really great to share it with them, even though that also meant sharing one bathroom, ha. It surprisingly wasn’t much of an issue!  After all my complaining to Dan about how we NEED, HAVE TO HAVE, 2 bathrooms for when company visits, turns out it was fine. But I still want 2 bathrooms. Just in case. OH and we played Taboo (thanks Amazon Prime) which is my new favorite ever since playing at game night at the *future* Hilburn’s home.


Breakfast! I made a bacon & brie quiche that turned out pretty tasty. Still working on actually making in the time the recipe estimates it takes… this one took me 3 times as long to prepare. Also- brunch plates. Didn’t know they existed until we registered for the wedding, but they are adorable and I love them. Biggest hit of the weekend, food-wise, was the sweet potato salad I made when we grilled out.


My family brought Barley a treat! How cute is this?? He loved it, needless to say.

IMG_7471Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7476     IMG_7475


Sisters are the best! This is from St. Arnold’s Brewery, the oldest craft brewery in Texas (but the 1990’s really isn’t that old ha!) Dan and I went on a date here when they first moved to this building (over 2 years ago, what?!) and I was SHOCKED at the amount of people this time… the popularity has definitely boomed over the last couple of years. Although who can argue with hanging out in a beer hall on a cloudy afternoon?? The parentals are not super into beer, but I think they still enjoyed the tour (aren’t they cute?). And Abby is apparently taking after Dan in her drinking preferences, although she only got sips 😉 My fav is Weedwacker.


We also decided to go ahead and tack on having lots of people in our house by inviting friends over for the Super Bowl. Super relaxed night with good friends. Dan put the projector up in our teensy living room and it worked out really well! Now I want to have a weekend long movie marathon in our pajamas with a floor covered in mattresses. We made chili, queso blanco, and pizza bread (YUM).


Gah look at our pup. He was really intrigued just long enough for me to take this picture. Maybe we should put him in football lessons. Airbud?

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