Happy Valentine’s Day!!

A entire weekend of love 🙂 I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day- an excuse to let those you love know you love them (How many times can I use the word love here??). And seeing as I’ve just married the best guy I could have ever imagined for me, let me take a moment to brag on him.


This cutie with his 2nd most loved thing in the world (hopefully 2nd most)- beer. Photo from Valentines weekend in Fredericksburg 2013.

Hey Daniel, most precious person I know,

I think a husband as a Valentine is the best kind. You truly amaze me. Every day I’m astounding by your patience, kindness, and eager mind. Your desire to learn new things, grow as a person, and lead me as a husband impress me so incredibly much. I often (embarrassingly) get choked up thinking about how lucky I am to have found you as such a great match. Envisioning the future we have together makes me happier than you could know. I’m positive I talk about you much too much in daily conversation and that’s just because I’m completely enthralled by you, with you. Can’t help it. I think you’re pretty cool. Even if you’re the biggest nerd (maybe my favorite side of you and you have many, many great ones).

Your adoring wife

AND a happy anniversary to my parents- 34 years of marriage!! I’m so lucky to have seen your love for each other growing up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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