Life Update

Holy cow, has life been whirlwind-y lately!!! We got back from Italy over a week ago and have been going almost non-stop since. I haven’t even gotten a chance to look through all the photos yet… kind of dreading it but also looking forward to reliving it. I think we probably took over 1,000. Dan and I (together) are probably in 3. I get so awkward asking people to take our picture! And then half the time, they don’t turn out anyway. ANYWHO. We had friends in town last weekend and the weather was basically the best, so it was really nice. Plus, we had some great food at Local Foods, Provisions, and Cedar Creek. Some photos from the good times:

OH and by the way… THIS is happening. No big deal, right?! More on this to come. And Italy. And woa, life, slow down please.

One sneak peek from our day trip to Capri… Man, what a great time.


This blog post is all over the place. Like my life. Forgive me while I get it together.

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