French Fries

I had french fries for 3 meals this weekend. And Chinese. And pizza. And hamburger(s) and a hot dog. I was feeling pretty miserable. This remodel has got us like, woa. Calories don’t count, we can eat whatever we want, we don’t have a kitchen, whatever! Yuck. Don’t eat that many french fries y’all. Even if they are DELICIOUS.

Bad, delicious, food breakdown. (Maybe just try them once in a weekend instead of all at once?)

Stanton’s City Bites- How have we not tried this place?! It’s right next to our church and now I know I’ll feel it calling to me every Sunday. Waffle fries and bacon and fried egg and Texas toast. Delightful.

Kam’s Fine Chinese Cuisine- A pick by Josh, who I’m going to consider an expert in Chinese restaurants, solely based on the fact that he used to live in Chinatown. Very tasty. And just so nice to actually be in Houston enjoying a meal with friends.

Good Dog- Large variety of creative hot dogs. Locally sourced ingredients. Patios in the front and back (dog friendly, wahoo)! Lots of TX beers on draft. And it’s just darn cute.

Brother’s Pizzeria- I relented and let us get Brother’s instead of Pink’s. Regretted it. While I love all pizza, Pink’s can’t be beat. Although Pizza Hut’s new pizza with the crust that pulls off so you can dip it in marina gave it a run for it’s money. That was real yummy (we also had Pizza Hut last week… don’t judge me).

FYI- I went to Central Market and got only healthy things and we are going to eat super well this week. Almost redeeming? Probably not, but we can try.

FYI #2- I’m writing about food because I still can’t face the rest of our Italy photos, and I REALLY can’t face the remodel at the moment, because it is consuming every other aspect of our lives. Because our house looks likes this:

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