Austin City Limits 2015

Just a few pictures from our Austin City Limits weekend last month! We missed Friday because I had to work late, but we made up for it by arriving early and staying to the end on Saturday and Sunday. I really love the earlier shows because the artists tend to be awesome but the stages are muchhh less crowded. My favorite of the whole weekend was a 12:00 show on Sunday, Marian Hill. Dan and I both adore the duo and can’t stop listening. They’ve known each other since middle school ūüôā We also really enjoyed Father John Misty, Lord Huron (can’t believe it, but our 3rd time seeing them!), Hozier, and Florence + the Machine (who is such a blast on stage- she skipped around the whole time!).

Dan had been to ACL 8 or 9 times in a row up until ’13 so I’m glad we made it back to Austin this year! We didn’t even try to get close to the stages and lounged around most of the weekend with Dan’s sister and it was perfect. Much different experience than the ACL’s of college years ūüôā We also got to stay with excellent hosts and had lots of fun with them. All around an A+ weekend.

The Boxes Take Music City

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a vacation with my family to Nashville! My mom has gotten really into genealogy, so they spent the week doing research in the area and visiting family, and Dan and I met up with them for a long weekend. And let me say, they don’t call it music city for nothing. Even some of the boutiques had bands playing! I liked to think of it as my personal serenade.

My parents rented a cute, old house for the week right off 12th South (which was an awesome neighborhood- more below) and it ended up being a few houses down from where my cousin lived when she first moved to Nashville! Small world- I love those coincidences.

We flew in Thursday night and feasted on Southern cooking at its’ finest at Monell’s. The whole meal is served family style, potentially sharing with others if your party isn’t large enough to fill the table! Plus, it was in a beautiful historic¬†home- with a neon sign in the front window ūüėČ


Brunch at Marche!¬†We waited almost¬†an hour for a table, which was a little crazy for a Friday, but I’d say it was worth it. My savory crepes were delightful, the coffee just right, and my almond croissant too yummy (they were out of the chocolate croissants… why are they always out of the chocolate ones?!).

We peeked around East Nashville for a hot second and went into Woodland Wine Merchant, which was definitely the coolest liquor store I’ve ever been in (or “Purveyor of Uncommon Wine, Spirits & Beer” as they call it). The branding is crazy adorable, also.

Next up was a visit to The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home. It has been incredibly well maintained and the grounds were beautiful. We did quite a bit of walking to see it all. The audio tour was also¬†fantastic, and we all learned a lot listening to that.


My mom had read about a neat¬†vintage shop (I guess that’s what you’d call it?!) called Old Made Good that we stopped at next. They take old items and put a twist on them- no photos allowed in the shop, but the floors were covered in pink glitter. My dad absolutely despises glitter (3 girls on drill team will do that to you) so it was funny to see his reaction. Some of the funniest pieces were old paintings with a surprise update added. It reminded me of this clip from The Last Man on Earth (does anyone watch that show other than Dan and I?!). Seriously couldn’t stop laughing for DAYS over this. Oh, and BUNNIES!

We ate dinner at The Pharmacy, which I could easily see myself hanging out at on a regular basis if I were a Nashvillian (?). Cold beer, perfectly shaded biergarten, and some seriously tasty burgers. I had the stroganoff burger and now my mouth is watering. Don’t you hate it when you find something so great and can’t get it anywhere else?? Not that I should be eating stroganoff burgers on the regular…

I just really adore this guy. I actually smile every time I see him smile.

That night, the young ones ventured down the street to check out some local joints. We tried The Flipside, Embers Ski Lodge, and 12 South Taproom & Grill. Dan hit it off with a man at the bar (who apparently is the head of a big music association and has an impressive resume) who recommended we go see some live music at Station Inn. This venue has been around forever and I’m SO glad we¬†went. The band was very talented¬†and I think most of them had been playing their entire lives. I especially loved the banjo player, who absolutely killed it.


We had brunch at Pinewood Social which is the coolest concept. There is a swimming pool. At the restaurant. And a bowling ally. And just really neat places to hang out. I didn’t want to creep anyone out by taking a picture of the pool (and thus people in their swimwear), but it is just the most genius idea for hot climates. You can reserve lounge chairs and have all your drinks brought out to you, just like a country club. The design of the place was also AWESOME and I couldn’t stop looking at everything. Especially the stork wallpaper.

We shopped for a while before heading over Tennessee Brew Works, which was probably Dan’s favorite part of the trip (surprise, surprise). The layout of the space was great- double-decker patio and a plenty of tables¬†upstairs, with plexiglass overlooking the brewery. Considering my love of basil, it’s no surprise that I really enjoyed their basil farmhouse ale. Dan, can you please make lots of beer with herbs?!

Our twins!!!

My mom planned the entire trip with pretty much no help (thanks mom :)), but my one contribution was picking dinner- Rolf & Daughters. Maaaybe one of my favorite restaurants I’ve been too. Is that too extreme? I loved everything about it. Rose? check. In an old warehouse with twinkly lights? check. Super fresh ingredients? check.

Considering we were in Nashville, we couldn’t miss out on visiting Broadway. However, visiting Broadway with an under 21-year-old is a little tricky. We did manage one spot where we somehow devoured curly fries… after our large dinner. Healthy. Tara, Dan, and I stuck around to hear some more music and check out Robert’s Western World before we headed home. Broadway was fairly similar to 6th street in Austin, with a country twist, and if you’re into bachelorette parties, it’s your spot! Glad we saw it, but not even close to my favorite part of Nashville.


We couldn’t leave with some Tennessee barbeque. I’m really picky about my beef (hello, Texas), so I generally order pork outside my home state. Edley’s is pretty famous in Nashville and definitely hit the spot.

We spent the afternoon touring another plantation- Belle Meade. If you get married here, you are lucky. It was gorgeous. The family history was also really interesting, as they were the premiere thoroughbred stud farm. Several¬†famous race horses can trace their lineage back to horses owned by this family (think Seabiscuit and American Pharaoh). We also got to see one of my cousins and his adorable family! Unfortunately, no pics ūüė¶

¬†Thanks mom & dad for a great trip!! I can officially add Nashville to my very short list of places I’d live outside TX.

Lord Huron

After a fun crawfish boil hosted by my manager up in Spring, Dan and I headed to House of Blues for the Lord Huron concert. Leon Bridges kicked it off and killed it. His group has¬†the biggest 60’s soul throw back sound. From his suit & hat, swaying with his hands behind his back, and 2 awesome back up vocalists, you wouldn’t have believed it was 2015. He’s just real, real good and everyone should go listen to Coming Home ASAP. He also had a song¬†about how his grandparents met and a special one for his mom, who was at the show. He’s from Ft. Worth too! What’s kind of amazing is that he doesn’t even have an album yet and he’s already played at SXSW and is slotted for ACL this fall. He rocks and I can’t wait to hear the entire album!

Next up- the actual headliner. Dan and I saw Lord Huron last year when they were the¬†opener for Young the Giant (I think?) and really liked them. They are pretty easy listening and came out with their new album last month. Listen to Fool for Love¬†from the new album and Ends of the Earth,¬†which I sometimes play on repeat.¬†It was a great¬†show but we¬†had been working on the fence/trim all day and were feeling pretty dang tired by the end.¬†Glad we managed to stay since they played a couple of our favorites very last, even if we were leaning against a rail in the back. Ha. Maybe it’s time to buy actual seats instead of standing room only? Eek.

^^ I really liked the color changes, apparently.

Funny tidbit:: Lately, Katie & I have been buying¬†tickets to the same shows and later find out we are both going. This happened for Lord Huron, so I texted her before we left to see when they were getting there. She had forgotten about the concert… and this is the second time that’s happened this year ūüôā Gave me a laugh. Thanks Katie! Glad y’all were able to make it, even if you were just as tired as we were.