Lord Huron

After a fun crawfish boil hosted by my manager up in Spring, Dan and I headed to House of Blues for the Lord Huron concert. Leon Bridges kicked it off and killed it. His group has the biggest 60’s soul throw back sound. From his suit & hat, swaying with his hands behind his back, and 2 awesome back up vocalists, you wouldn’t have believed it was 2015. He’s just real, real good and everyone should go listen to Coming Home ASAP. He also had a song about how his grandparents met and a special one for his mom, who was at the show. He’s from Ft. Worth too! What’s kind of amazing is that he doesn’t even have an album yet and he’s already played at SXSW and is slotted for ACL this fall. He rocks and I can’t wait to hear the entire album!

Next up- the actual headliner. Dan and I saw Lord Huron last year when they were the opener for Young the Giant (I think?) and really liked them. They are pretty easy listening and came out with their new album last month. Listen to Fool for Love from the new album and Ends of the Earth, which I sometimes play on repeat. It was a great show but we had been working on the fence/trim all day and were feeling pretty dang tired by the end. Glad we managed to stay since they played a couple of our favorites very last, even if we were leaning against a rail in the back. Ha. Maybe it’s time to buy actual seats instead of standing room only? Eek.

^^ I really liked the color changes, apparently.

Funny tidbit:: Lately, Katie & I have been buying tickets to the same shows and later find out we are both going. This happened for Lord Huron, so I texted her before we left to see when they were getting there. She had forgotten about the concert… and this is the second time that’s happened this year 🙂 Gave me a laugh. Thanks Katie! Glad y’all were able to make it, even if you were just as tired as we were.

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