Barley is half a year old today! A bit crazy how much I adore him. So glad Dan talked me into a great dane because I can’t imagine having any other! Plus, I will always remember the face he made and his joyous shout/ double fist pump when I told I was okay with getting one. One of my favorite memories- I hope he does the exact same thing when I tell him we’re pregnant (don’t worry, we’re not trying… yet).

He was 7 1/2 weeks and 21 lbs when we got him. At 6 months he is already 80 lbs and still growing! I think I love him more with every pound even if he does eat us out of house and home. After he’s grown I’ll post a picture of the height chart we’ve been keeping in the closet door jamb 🙂


On the way home when we first picked him up 🙂 Last one of the litter and we can’t ever understand how.


and at 6 months!

And now an ode to our sweet Barley boy:

IMG_7093 IMG_7102 IMG_7208 IMG_7136 IMG_7159 IMG_7169 IMG_7237 IMG_7263 DSC_0074_3DSC_0253 IMG_7348 IMG_7377 DSC_0193 DSC_0230 DSC_0293 DSC_0316 DSC_0388 DSC_0440 IMG_3663

Happy half birthday Barley!!! We love you so.

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