Tour de Dog Friendly Bars

My in-laws came to town! 2 weekends in a row of hosting! Getting lots of practice. I’m very lucky and really enjoy my in-laws. We always have a great time with them. Plus, they gave me Dan which is the best gift ever in my book. We definitely wore Barley out this weekend!!


Dan’s dad just LOVED Taboo (He didn’t love it. Not one bit. But he obliged my new game love and played a round because he’s nice). Also… I think this picture is precious. We made “The best chicken ever” and drank a bottle of wine Dan’s mom brought back from California that I really liked- Ventana Pinot Noir. Dan made a chai porter a few weeks ago so the boys worked their way through that keg.


Also, Barley is officially a giant dog. But I can still pick him up and that makes me happy 😀 😀

Saturday was pretty much a day for the dog! It did start with me attempting to make beautiful, delicious pancakes. They were delicious, but not beautiful. But I got to use my  brunch plates again and that made them beautiful. Hooray!


Sour Cream Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with Maple Coffee Glaze

^^ Mine vs. the pro’s… really no comparison^^

IMG_3740 IMG_3776

IMG_3738 IMG_3732


We finally got to go to the new dog park on Buffalo Bayou! Barley loved it, of course. And I love his ears in the running picture. There were also a dozen adorable bulldogs, which Dan and I both agree would make the perfect pal for Barley. ALSO- we had a girl come up to us and tell us she had instagramed Barley and recognized him! He is such a super star! Dan decided we should start using #beerwithbarley from now on.

IMG_7500 IMG_7506

Dan & Barley being cute at West Alabama Ice House. They both have sleepy eyes (maybe it’s the beer :))

IMG_7510 IMG_7511IMG_7515


Next stop: Hans! With a pit stop at Maine-ly Sandwiches for lunch. The lobster roll was so good.


IMG_3788 IMG_3780

The big, sleepy baby at Saint Dane’s.


Time to say “bye”! Dane vs. Mini Chihuahua (Dan’s sister Kim’s pup).

IMG_7546 IMG_7543 IMG_7535 IMG_7534


We still wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather, so we walked to Petrol Station & then to Cottonwood (via the railroad that runs behind our house- living life on the edge). Bar got more than a little tired on the way home. And this little girl loved him. Can’t wait to see our own kiddos with him.

Per usual, the weekend went by too quickly! Thanks for visiting Witchers!

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