Cute babes

I have a new favorite picture of Daniel.

Too stinking cute. I get so excited thinking about him being a dad and I have to remind myself (and both of our familes :D) that we want to wait.

“waiter!” also… that’s beer in the glass.

Anyways… we visited Dan’s parents in Georgetown over the weekend and Jenny was in town with the kiddos. While I terribly wish they thought we were awesome and wanted to sit and hug and play with us all the time… that is not the case (Opa and Nana win by a LONG shot there). Although I did squeeze in hugs when they would let me and helped Ellie make some really cool pumpkins with mustaches (leftover craft from Halloween?). Fingers crossed that as they get older they realize how super cool we are and want to be our best pals. Lucky for us (though not for her family), Jenny is moving back to Texas while Rob is deployed, so we will be seeing more them 😀

The weather was pretty terrible so we were inside a lot. Which meant Dan took a nice nap. He gets a cute award too.

 I leave you with Ellie and “Ariel”. All the chickens got princess names. And I took these on Dan’s phone so the picture quality is much better.

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