Just Dance

Jenni and I took a dance class this week! Contemporary jazz at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center. We decided to challenge ourselves and just go all in by taking the advanced class even though we haven’t taken class in like… 3 years. And let me tell you, it was challenging. An hour and a half of non stop choreography thrown at us. Even the stretch was choreographed. It was really good stuff and the teacher was amazing. And we were definitely the oldest people in the class, which consisted of highschoolers who are actually in this studio’s company.

I was just praying we didn’t look like all those people on So You Think You Can Dance who audition and think they are good and are actually just straight horrible. Those are always really painful to watch and I kind of hate that they are even on the show. Even if I have gotten a laugh or two out of them. Speaking of… remember this audition?! Best one ever. Chills every time.

Anyway. Thank goodness I have still been taking yoga and pilates classes and have managed to keep my flexibility up. And even if we were stressed the whole class about looking silly, it was still wonderfully fun to be dancing again and feeling movement throughout our entire bodies. There are few things that exhilarate me more than dance and I’ve really missed it. So, thank you Jenni for braving it with me 🙂 and can’t wait to go again!

Aaaand throwback Thursday for you… One of my favorite dances of all time. Tainted Love.


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