From Housework to NYC

After a weekend in Houston with basically NO PLANS (what?!) aside from some meals with great friends, we are off to NYC today!!! We’ve spent the last week working in the yard a lot. It had gotten pretty bad and no matter how hard we tried to keep up with the leaves collecting, it seemed it was to no avail. They kept falling. They’re still falling. It’s never ending. And we had to buy a new lawnmower because ours broke… it was only a year old so I was ticked. But now we now have a Honda which should be much more reliable 🙂 And fresh flowers and mulch! Dan also fixed the grout in the shower, which has been on our DIY list for a while and I’m really happy. It’s strange what makes you happy when you have a 1940 house. Like no cracks in your grout.

the handy man himself

On to more fun things… Dan and I are both pretty excited about our trip this weekend. I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet (duh) of all the things I want to do/ eat (mostly eat) and I’m so glad it’s finally here! Every time we watch White Collar it gets me even more excited to be in the city. Plus, we are staying with Dan’s sister, Kim, which means maybe we’ll get to see a little bit of her! Her work schedule is the craziest I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if many people can beat the amount of hours she puts in. Double plus, Al Pal will be in town for her birthday so we get to celebrate that too 🙂 Happy Birthday Alex!!

See ya soon, New York City!

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