The Hilburn Couples Shower

Couples showers are so much fun. They are basically just a big party and I love that. So this past weekend some of Katie’s bridesmaids threw this amazing shower and it happened to be in my home! Dan and I love having people over and should definitely do it more often. Big plus: Dan suddenly turns in to a cleaning machine and is insanely helpful and MOPS. In our household, I typically do all the housework (minus hand-washing dishes) which is fine, but it’s always great when he helps. He takes cleaning direction incredibly well and is the best. (To be fair- he’s the greatest handyman and handles the bulk of all outdoor work, which when you have a big yard, with big trees, is a big deal). Long story, short we did a massive cleaning/ organizing spree and it was great.

Then we got to party! And I didn’t have to cook or bring decorations! So stress level was non-existent. Gerrit made an awesome spread with deviled eggs, pulled pork sliders, lox and cream cheese, candied bacon, and chicken and waffles (with Chick-fil-a nuggets, yum). Such a feast and am so grateful he spent all day in the kitchen. The girls brought beautiful flowers and cute signs and lots of pictures of Katie + Josh and everything came together so well. And they were sweet enough to leave the flowers so I’ve had glorious blooms in the house all week long 🙂 Plus Dan had recently kegged his witbier (my personal favorite) so that was on tap as well. So classy have a kegerator in our dining room 😉

It was a “stock the Bar” shower, so we gave them ingredients for one of my favorite cocktails.

They excelled at the Newlyweds game!! Totally ready for marriage.

Such a great feeling to have a full house, with top notch people, and one of the best reasons to be celebrating! These guys getting hitched:

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