Things I’m Loving Lately

This river dancing baby 

Electric Love by the Borns

The New York Times Home & Garden section… too bad there are only 10 free NYT articles a month 😦 and they recently cancelled this section 😦

The Yoga Farmer

Swedish Dads

Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet

How cool! Never knew this tiny apartment existed.

Which led me to another French find. I clearly love a good tree house.

And then another airbnb treehouse in ATL.

30 Clips You Can’t Help But Watch Over and Over again. Dan and I were crying laughing at some of these. Mostly #3.

This Vanity Fair article on Sophia Loren.

I found this baby name popularity by decade so amusing. My name today would be Arielle.

The Wardrobe Capsule– my style is already fairly simple/ the same so I’d like to at least think about this as clean out my closet and shop (which doesn’t happen often… the shopping part, actually). One more reason to wear my chambray button down and over-priced white tee from Madewell every other day 😉

The dancing in this Toro Y Moi music video.

2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. jessmlamb says:

    The paternity leave article is one of my favorite things. How do we start a better parental leave (maternity and paternity leave) movement in the USA?! I’d hold a picket sign or sign a petition!


    • bewitchered says:

      It’s so sad how awful it is here!! 1. I’m not going to want Dan to leave me with a new baby 2. I don’t know how I’LL leave the baby. My maternity leave is only 6 weeks (and I think his is 2….) and I’m already freaking out and I’m not even pregnant. Let me know you find a petition to sign 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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