Pizza, Pizza

Dan has a slight food obsession with pizza. It ranks close to beer, which really says something. So since we got married, we’ve started a superrr healthy tradition of Sunday night pizza. Usually from Pink’s Pizza. We even walk to get it on occasion. And have only had it delivered once… maybe twice. Which I hate to even admit because it is exactly 0.4 miles from our house. Yes, that was ZERO.4. Sometimes even that is too far, apparently, to pick it up yourself. Sad.

But sometimes! We make our own pizza and it’s really fun. We pick out our favorite toppings at an actual grocery store and bake our own (store bought) dough and everything. Just scrumptious. Dan has been researching how to make our own wood-fire pizza oven. I say there are other, higher priority, projects that beat that out. And our oven works just fine. We even use a fancy pizza stone (when we remember that it needs to be pre-heated) that my sisters gave Dan a few Christmas’ ago, which totally ups our pizza game.

And we all lived happily ever after in a pizza coma.

**Coincidentally, Tay posted a delicious looking home-made pizza on IG last night, about the same time I was typing this post. Besties think alike. And you can’t go wrong with pizza.

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