2015 Reflection

2015, man. Every year just keeps getting better. With all the ups and downs in this life, I’m extremely grateful that our ups, far and away, outweigh our downs. I can pretty sum up 2015 as travel + work on the house. And those are fun things 🙂

We skied in Steamboat Springs, explored more of one of our favorites cities, NYC, tried lots of beers in Portland, Oregon, relaxed by the pool in Cancun, listened to live music in Nashville, ate our weight in pizza and pasta in Italy, attended the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, and had lots of friends & family time in Austin, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Dallas, and Jackson (and they visited us too!). I was maid of honor in a beautiful wedding, we tried lots of new Houston restaurants, took Barley out as much as possible, and got really settled into our small group. We built a fence, painted lots of walls, remodeled the kitchen & added a bathroom, and spent a lot of time at IKEA.

I honestly can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. Looking back and reflecting, my heart is overwhelmed with the goodness in Dan & I’s lives. I hope I never take any of it for granted- that travel to new places (& old) would always feel like a special luxury, that our home would always fill me with delight when I pull into the driveway, that food would always make me feel adventurous, and that my family and friends always make me feel loved. Here’s to 2016!

And an article by Mark Manson I really enjoyed as I think about the new year (via SwissMiss)-

“This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes. So choose your struggles wisely, my friend.”

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