A New Truck!! 

We bought a new (to us) truck!!! Dan and I have been talking about this for about a year, and finally decided to just do it. We’ve both been so lucky to have great, reliable, cars that our parents gave us (thank you, thank you, thank you!!) so we’ve been trying to hold off on a car payment for as long as possible. But now it’s here. And worth it! Dan’s needed new tires, which were about the cost of the car itself, so it was perfect timing to upgrade. We also cracked his front windshield recently while trying to jam a bunch of lumber into the car for the deck, not to mention his interior upholstery has been peeling off or a while. Overall, it was a pretty smooth experience and we felt like we got a good deal on a 2014 F-150! My favorite part are the AC seats J They will be perfecttt for this upcoming summer. Can’t wait to conquer more projects and take more road trips in this thing! 


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