What We’re Watching


Fun fact: Dan and I toured the plantation this tree is at- Oak Alley.

Dan and I finished the first season of HBO’s True Detective this week. I know, I know, we are late to the game. We watched the whole season in a week, which I guess isn’t that terrible since it’s only 8 episodes. I didn’t understand the hype after the first episode, but it quickly drew me in. It was SO creepy but incredibly addicting and I’m really glad Dan isn’t out of town at all this week (hallelujah) because I would be scared of the dark if he was gone. GAH. Casting was perfect and of course I love Matthew McConaughey, because Texas. And just everything he’s been in lately.  I’m curious what spurred him to start taking more serious roles. He’s fantastic. Also- is the Louisiana bayou really that dangerous compared to the rest of the US?

And the casting for season 2?! Rachel McAdams?! Hooray 🙂 The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away, but I’m excited. Fingers crossed it’s just as good.

We also watched Somm this week! It’s a documentary on the process of becoming a master sommelier and follows a few guys studying for, and taking, the exam. We learned how to properly pronounce sommelier and can now sound that much fancier at nice restaurants 🙂 You actually get really nervous for the candidates, knowing how much time they’ve spent preparing! Dan has been studying to take the cicerone exam, which is similar to being a sommelier, but for beer instead of wine. He has passed the first level and has 2 to go. And is now wanting to become a sommelier as well. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen as it seems to take over your life, according to the documentary, and also seems incredibly expensive as you’re tasting expensive bottles of wine on a regular basis. Then spitting them out. Dan’s actual words: “I want to become the first master sommelier to study for the exam without a spit cup.” He’s weird. And has 1,000,000 interests. I like him.

FYI- we didn’t JUST watch HBO/ Netflix all week and the fence is coming along nicely 🙂

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